Study W/ Rolly

Rolly’s primary mode of distance teaching is the QuickTake lesson, described in detail here. There’s a video sample of a QuickTake lesson here.

In addition, he is available for lessons via Skype, and, if you can come to southeast Pennsylvania, personal lessons..

Rolly teaches guitar lessons from his office in Perkasie PA, by appointment. Here’s how it works:

  • Lessons are $60 p/hr.
  • Most students take one or two lessons per month
  • Some students just take an occasional lesson
  • Lessons are tailored to your needs
  • You can bring an SD card and we’ll record important points covered during the lesson, which you can then download to computer or phone. You can also use your phone to video parts of the lesson.

Rolly is also available for Skype lessons, which are also $60 p/hr. This includes a video of the lesson, which I can then send you via Dropbox.

To schedule lessons in Perkasie, or by Skype,  you can either call Rolly at 215-257-8737 or email your request.

Of course, Rolly also teaches at various guitar camps over the course of the year, and they’re listed on the “Gigs” page.

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