Gigs, etc.

Here’s what’s currently on tap in Rollyworld. A benefit concert for progressive causes in New Hope PA,  and then on to a favorite summer guitar camp at Lake Winnepesauke in New Hampshire. And, this just in, a return to Tony McManus‘s wonderful weekend autumn event in Elora, ON, Canada! Here’s the basic info:

  • “Rise & Resist” benefit concert in New Hope, PA, featuring Rolly Brown, Mark Cosgrove, Ken Ulansey, Phyllis Chapell, and others! Sat., July 1st at 7 p.m.
  • Summer Acoustic Music Week in New Hampshire, July 9-15, ’17
  • 11th Annual Elora Guitar Weekend, w/ Rolly Brown and Tony McManus, Oct. 27-29 in Elora, Ontario, Canada, about 90 minutes west of Toronto. Contact Tony McManus at for details. Limited space, and filling up fast, this is a beautiful event, with world class food and charming lodgings!
  • More stuff to be announced…

And, under the “etc.” department, two new DVD’s have been released through Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop, (and there are a couple blues oriented DVDs in the works)! You can see video excerpts at the links below, and order from the official Rolly Brown website store:

  1. Finally someone who understands music inside and out and can simplify that knowlege in such a way that any guitar player can immediately apply it in a practical way. Thank you!

  2. Hi Rolly,

    Hoping to get to see you at Kent in November. It has been a while. Looking forward to hearing you in concert.


  3. Hi Rolly, Yrs ago I learned one of your rags out of a guitar mag..Great piece. I empressed people with it for years..Great to see you are still playing and writing..

    • Thanks, Roy,
      I appreciate the kind words! Yup, I’m a lifer when it comes to guitar. Also, I’ll have 5 instructional DVDs coming out this year via Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop…stay tuned!

  4. Peter Holmes-Ray

    Rolly, We’ll miss you at Kamp.


  5. after finding your dvds on ebay i went to youtube to see if i could learn from you and i feel very confident in your teaching abilities. I ordered nuts and bolts chords,melody, and the dvd on inprovisation. I can’t wait till they arrive.I also plan to order the others later after i spend some time with these.

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