Gigs, etc.

Most “in person” gigs are on hold during the pandemic, but Rolly does 3 short “Facebook and Youtube Live” concerts per week. Normally on Monday & Wednesday at 3 p.m. EDT, and Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. EDT. You can access these via Rolly’s Facebook page.

The concerts are all archived and available for viewing at Rolly’s Youtube Channel.

As things stand now, Rolly is starting to do “in person” outdoor gigs.

Stay tuned for more gigs upcoming in the future! And, under the “etc.” department, check out the two recent blues oriented DVD’s released through Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop, along with many others! You can see video excerpts at the links below, and order from the official Rolly Brown website store:

  1. Finally someone who understands music inside and out and can simplify that knowlege in such a way that any guitar player can immediately apply it in a practical way. Thank you!

  2. Hi Rolly,

    Hoping to get to see you at Kent in November. It has been a while. Looking forward to hearing you in concert.


  3. Hi Rolly, Yrs ago I learned one of your rags out of a guitar mag..Great piece. I empressed people with it for years..Great to see you are still playing and writing..

    • Thanks, Roy,
      I appreciate the kind words! Yup, I’m a lifer when it comes to guitar. Also, I’ll have 5 instructional DVDs coming out this year via Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop…stay tuned!

  4. Peter Holmes-Ray

    Rolly, We’ll miss you at Kamp.


  5. after finding your dvds on ebay i went to youtube to see if i could learn from you and i feel very confident in your teaching abilities. I ordered nuts and bolts chords,melody, and the dvd on inprovisation. I can’t wait till they arrive.I also plan to order the others later after i spend some time with these.

  6. I have missed you at Kaufman Kamp the last couple of years. I have always come away from your classes with something I can actually use! Please come back.

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