In The Beginning: 3

In this lesson, we’ll refer back to one of the two “2-finger shapes” we discussed in lesson one. Now we’ll turn them into complete triads (3 note chords). A triad is the most basic kind of chord, but that doesn’t mean we only play 3 strings on the guitar. For example, a C chord has the notes C, E, & G. The basic C chord in the video below can be played on 5 strings, because some of the notes are repeated…from bass to treble strings, starting with the fifth string, the notes would be C, E, G, C, E.

A simple way of writing this chord in text would be X32010. The “X” denotes a string we won’t play, and the numbers are fret numbers. “0” is an open string that gets played. If this is gobbledygook to you right now, don’t worry. Just learn the fingerings from the video, repeat them again and again, and we’ll sort stuff out later. Here’s the video. Have fun!

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