Rolly returns…

Hi, all!  I’ve been largely otherwise engaged, but plan on returning to guitar-related topics here! For today, I thought I’d share this week’s music video with you and discuss it a bit.

As I close in on my 70th b’day, I’m looking back through the years, and this week I recalled David Rea, and his lovely tune “Maverick Child”, so I sat down and took a stab at it. I never met him, but he was one of my many inspirations. While he grew up near Kent Ohio, where I went to school, and we had mutual acquaintances, he left early and moved to Toronto, where he got work backing up Gordon Lightfoot and Ian & Sylvia, among others.

During the years that I attended the Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto, one of the greatest guitar workshops I ever witnessed was the “3 Davids” workshop in the early ’70s. David Bromberg, David Rea, and another brilliant Toronto guitarist, David Wilcox (not to be confused with the American singer/songwriter of the same name), blew everyone away with one great guitar performance after another.

Anyhow, David Rea, after working as a sideman for a few years, got a solo recording contract and toured the coffeehouse circuit for awhile. Sadly, he passed away in 2011.(You can read more about him by clicking here…) His album “Maverick Child” became a big fave among my music-hip friends. You can hear his version of the title track here:

I play a fairly straightforward flatpicked version of it here…I may come up with a more nuanced arrangement after I mess with it for awhile. This one includes the sort of mechanisms that I teach on my “Solo Flatpicking Guitar” DVD for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop: It involves developing a series of simple techniques which allow you to extemporaneously play interesting rhythm behind your singing as well as playing solo guitar arrangements of tunes. I’m not too happy with my break here on Maverick Child, but I wanted to get it down on video, so it’s kind of a sketch.

By the way, the guitar here was built by Canadian luthier Mario Proulx, and it’s about the loudest dreadnaught I’ve ever played.

Anyhow, stay tuned and I’ll try to cover more interesting tunes and topics in the coming weeks!

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  1. Charles Ortolani

    Glad to have Rolly’s Guitar back! You’re such a great teacher and I really enjoy listening to your insights. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Thanks, Charlie! Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

  3. John Cadley G-mail

    Missed you, Rolly. Glad you’re back.


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