“Uncaged and Free” gets its “Fretboard Vitamins”!

Terre Roche is a gifted singer, songwriter, performer, and guitarist, as part of Afro-Jersey, The Roches, and as a solo performer.

Terre Roche

Terre Roche

But, in addition, she has won great acclaim as a guitar teacher, and was recently highlighted in Gary Marcus’s book, “Guitar Zero“. One of the tools she invented is her deck of “Fretboard Vitamins” cards, and Terre and I have recently been talking about how these cards, which bear Terre’s uniquely creative stamp both visually (with her artwork) and conceptually (with her unique approach to learning) are a perfect fit with my recent “Uncaged and Free” DVD, which teaches (and enlarges on) the “CAGED” system for understanding the fretboard.

Terre Roche's "Fretboard Vitamins"

Terre Roche’s “Fretboard Vitamins”

The Fretboard Vitamins cards offer you tools for thinking about music. “The purpose,”  Terre says, “is to help you to slow down, give yourself the gift of discovery, and deepen your understanding.” This is accomplished by going through a set of exercises, and the CAGED system is part of the foundation of this “CAGED Contemplation Method of Practice”.

Rolly's "Uncaged and Free" DVD

Rolly’s “Uncaged and Free” DVD

The “Uncaged and Free” DVD teaches the CAGED system in its fundamental form, showing the five chord shapes, C, A, G, E, and D, and, among other things, how to superimpose major, blues, and minor scales over them. It also teaches you how to move smoothly up and down the neck, so as not to get stuck in an overly rigid compliance to the CAGED system.

Terre and I feel that these two tools offer two different but very complementary approaches to the same goal: a deeper understanding of the guitar fretboard. We’re thinking about maybe doing a workshop together where we’d explore this terrain.

For the time being, you can order “Fretboard Vitamins” here,

and “Uncaged and Free” here.

Stay tuned for further developments!


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  1. Douglas L. Saunders

    I know I probably can’t talk either or both of you doing at least one of the workshops out here in the SF Bay Area, but, assuming you can’t, can you at least consider live streaming it?

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