Inside the process: the “Sunday Morning” CD

When I started putting up Sunday Morning Videos on Facebook and Youtube, four years ago, I didn’t realize that a small legion of fans would start clamoring for a CD or DVD to match, but that’s what transpired. The 200 or so videos that I’ve posted were meant to be quick sketches, and, while I often do several takes in order not to totally embarrass myself, they are not perfect little gems. I figure that, while they remain available forever (or what passes for “forever” on the internet), they basically get only their 15 minutes of fame. Not so with the CD, which one hopes will be played time and again.

sundayCDfoto copy

Sergio Kurhajec’s photo graces the CD cover.

Therefore, I went into Jay Ansill‘s “Cheesy Road Studios” with the intention of recording a less imperfect collection of some of my favorites of the Sunday morning tunes. Many of these tunes are originals, some of which were composed on the spur of the moment, and later revised into more cohesive arrangements. Others (particularly “Tristano”,  “Angie”,  “Holly”, and “The Gospel According To Steve Mann”) were homages to Steve Mann, Bert Jansch, and Davy Graham, all early and forever heroes of mine. Still others were jazz tunes, traditional folk music, and one lovely little rag written by my old friend Janet Smith.

tracklist copy

Marcy’s foto along with list of album tracks.

Going into the studio, I took along several guitars to try out, but, in the end, most of the tracks were recorded using one of my two “signature model” Mario Proulx guitars, or the ’38 Gibson L-O on which they were based. You can learn more about the Proulx “Rolly Brown model” here.

Jay’s function in this process was twofold: His engineering expertise allowed me the luxury of editing the most listenable version of each tune, and his friendship and musicality created an atmosphere in which I could have a trusted set of ears to help me decide what was good enough, and which tunes needed more work, or total retakes. This ended up working out beautifully, and eventually got us to the “post production” phase. The stars of this part of the project were photographer Sergio Kurhajec, whose beautiful photo graces the front cover, and CD mastering maestro Charlie Pilzer (of Airshow Mastering), whose expertise puts the final polish on the recording, and makes it come more alive. I decided to do the graphic design myself, mostly because I’m a control freak, and included a foto that Janice suggested and snapped, which shows me in my Sunday morning recording mode, and, for the back of the jewel case, a great pic that Marcy Marxer took of me while we were in mid-performance at the Perkasie Patchworks Coffeehouse. Then everything went off to Discmakers, where their efficient and attentive staff did a fine job of proofing and manufacturing the final product.

Janice's brainchild: "Inside the Sunday Morning recording process".

Janice’s brainchild: “Inside the Sunday Morning recording process”.

While the CD is available through CDBaby  (where you can preview tracks) and through iTunes, it’s always nice to cut out the middle men and give the artist his fair share of the profits. You can read the full album notes and order the CD with a couple simple clicks at my website!

Also, check the “gigs, etc.” page here for some CD Release events, at which CD’s will be available at a special discount!


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  1. Rolly, your instructional videos are inspiring. I’m looking forward to checking this out.

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