Steve Mann lives….AGAIN!!

Those of you who know me have heard me tell tales of Steve Mann, the elusive West Coast guitarist who influenced the likes of Jorma Kaukaunen, Stefan Grossman, Paul Geremia, Barry Melton, etc., then went off the rails, diagnosed as schizophrenic,  and disappeared for decades, re-emerging in Berkeley in 2003, where he lived and held court until his death until 2009.

Steve in Berkeley w/ Margot St. James

During those missing decades, many of us listened to old tapes and a couple albums, and tried to learn Steve’s complex jazzy blues guitar licks. While the older Steve was still a great guitarist, his degenerating health and medications clouded the brilliance of his youthful playing. Recently, guitarist Joe Mackessy, one of Steve’s good friends during his last years, wrote and alerted me to this previously unknown live concert recording from 1966. It gives ample example of the jawdropping musicianship and comprehension of the blues coming from a young SoCal suburban kid.

The young Steve Mann

Click below to go to “Wolfgang’s Vault” and here this rediscovered concert from one of the great guitarists of our era.

For more info on Steve, or to order the released CD’s of his earlier recordings, go to Janet Smith’s website for Steve, here:

Janet was instrumental in looking after Steve and getting his recordings re-released in the later years.

To read about my experiences when visiting Steve in 2006:

Rolly with Steve Mann in Berkeley CA, January 2006.

To see some video of Steve from 2008


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