Grooveyard was written by a West Coast jazz musician named Carl Perkins (not to be confused with the “Blue Suede Shoes” guy). I first heard it done by the great British guitarist Davy Graham, and I tried it in several keys before I found one I liked. Choosing a key for a solo guitar piece is crucial to the success of the arrangement, and it’s important to remember, when considering many jazz tunes which were written in flat keys, that they were written that way to make it easy for horn players. The fact that they were then difficult for guitar players was a side effect. When playing solo guitar, that side effect is often unnecessary, so we choose the most “guitaristic” key for the arrangement. This is one of those great tunes that walks the line between jazz and blues. Played here on a 1938 Gibson L-0 model guitar.


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  1. Very nice, Thanks sharing.

  2. Beautiful tune and very well played. Excellent. Thanks

  3. Thanks Rolly: Really great, although I can’t imagine it as played by Davey Graham… so I will open my ears a lot more. Happy Springtime to you and your’s. Mel

  4. Beautifully played on a gorgeous sounding old Gibson. Looks and sounds like its set up perfectly.

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