About Pete Huttlinger

Watch this video. Pete is a great guitarist at the top of his game. This “impossible” arrangement of “Superstition” is not only made possible, but still sounds musical. Plus, he does a great lead-in.
Pete is also, currently, in a hospital in Houston TX recovering from artificial heart surgery relating to a lifelong history of heart problems. You can read about it here:
Note that, in the journal which Pete’s wife Erin writes on the Caring Bridge site, she says:
“Many of you have asked about fundraising opportunities. A special fund has been set up for Pete Huttlinger’s medical and financial needs. At this point, donations can be sent to:
Erin Huttlinger
791 Rhonda Lane
Nashville, TN 37205
Please know how greatly it is appreciated.”
I know Pete sort of passingly…we say “Hi, howzit going?” at Winfield or CAAS. We’re not bosom buddies, but I’m glad he’s in this world, and hope he manages to stay around for a good long time. My thoughts are with Pete and Erin. I hope yours are as well.


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  1. Incredible. Thanks for the “throw your guitar under a bus ’cause you ain’t never gonna be that good” moment, Rolly. I am humbled.

    I am also sending all kinds of powerful healing vibes Pete’s way.

    Thanks again,


  2. i have never heard of this guy. Sounds great. I will send him lots of Reiki.

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